Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ruckus first post

Ruckus all started with a preoccupation with the late 20th century art movement Fluxus.

Fluxus, whose members included John Cage, George Brecht, Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik and Yoko Ono, had an abiding interest in the multiple and the artists book and preferred the wider community to the 'presumed' insular art community.

In affect what would happen was that artists would send each other scores or directives that they would then interpret and that would become the art.

Enter Ruckus brand version of Fluxus. The internet makes the concept really easy... anyone can send an 'activity idea' or respond to one.

We've shifted the Fluxus emphasis from music to anything you like ... Let's make a Ruckus!

Interpret an activity idea ... anyway you like ... it could be as easy as a line or a piece of text taking a minute of time or it could be something that takes the rest of your life.... Draw, scan, photograph, video, telephone ... anything goes... just run with it ... document the activity and it's done ...

Let's makes a Ruckus ...

WE ARE ALL INVOLVED ... by reading this you are already ...

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